get involved!

Learn how you can get involved with what we do. Become a featured artist, join our team, attend an event, learn at our workshops, be a hosted show-team coordinator, collaborate with others, find support and feedback! There are many exciting things to do within the VR Art Live community. Read below to find out more.


get featured!

Would you like to be featured as a VR artist?


Apply for an Artist's Profile to be added to our Artist profile page.

1. Sign up to our website by clicking the "Join" tab at the top then choose "Member Sign Up" from the drop down list.

2. Check your email for our response letter with the link to start your profile request.

3. Fill out the Artist Profile Request form to start your request.

4. Feel free to ping the coordinator using the magenta message bubble at the bottom right of the website.

Apply for our Featured Artist program to be featured on our socials.

1. Fill out our Featured Artist Request form

Apply for our Shows or Events to get you or your art featured in our shows.

1. Check the SIGN-UP & FEATURE REQUEST form for our active events sign-up options.