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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery October 2021

Title: Girl on a swing

Artist: Vaso Vansky

VR App/s: Tiltbrush

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: grrlrighter

Girl on a swing

Commentary by Vaso Vensky

Girl on a swing by Vaso Vensky

This is part of a side project which describes youth, spring, and cyclic changes, and is meant to deliver feelings of peace and beauty.

The topic is very inspiring to me and I had much satisfaction when seeing it come out successful when testing my workflow for stop motion in VR.

This is one of my first Tilt Brush stop-mo pieces. This animation was made using a Tilt Brush stop-motion technique. I animated my Tilt Brush painting by using one of the software’s cameras (the spectator camera inside Tilt Brush) to capture it frame-by-frame. It's just as difficult as creating real stop-mo. I have a few videos on my Youtube channel about how to do this technique here and here.

I had some challenges, because when I created this technique there was not a camera path feature yet, so I was capturing and broadcasting using the spectator camera which required more steps to keep the camera in place. I couldn't move or re-scale my scene once I started, and so I had to do the entire animation at one time without turning off Tilt Brush.

Everything had to be prepared before I started: my stop-mo scene studio file, as I called it. I outlined my actual seat in VR to know where I was able to sit down while I was working. I set the spectator camera in place in my scene exactly where I needed it. I made sure that I could physically reach every part of my Tilt Brush scene including my imported dope-sheet, which contained the table of frames to follow per shot, my imported sequence reference, and all sculpted art piece “frames” that were placed in their order of appearance and ready to go. The Tilt Brush scene file was huge in size and glitchy because of the amount of artwork in the scene, my Rift headset got hot, and I eventually started sweating. Once I started there was no time to sleep, because it had to be done at once without closing the file or everything would get out of place.

After my first experiment I continued to learn and explore on how to make VR stop-motion in Tilt Brush. In this situation the software was a new tool to use to create an amazing and absolutely new type of stop-mo: Tilt Brush stop-mo. Now I do it differently, I have learned a more efficient way, but the "old-school" style of work is damn awesome.

For anyone starting out in VR art, I suggest to check and test all available VR tools, choose what you like and go with it! You can choose a few of them because you can always mix them in Blender;)!

See more by Vaso Vensky:




Are you a VR artist? If you would like to have your art featured by VR Art Live! you can apply here.

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