VR Burn: Summer Reburn

Join us this summer in this virtual experience on the digital dusty playa to explore and interact with artwork painted with brushes of light and geometry. Listen to music and meet other virtual world travelers around the fire pit while popping fireworks in the sky. The VRBurn playa is a place for reflection on our experience of the years past and of constructive creative thoughts as we move towards our future. What reflections will you bring with you during this experience of elevation?

Experience Features:

Desert Playa Heart Island (see the heart of Black Rock City as an island floating in virtual space)

Everlasting Fireworks (light up the sky with a fireworks show)

Firepit with Pillow Chairs (meet new friends and tell your story)

Bike Rides (take a ride across the sand of the playa)

Art Drop (sky dive into the playa over the art for an aerial experience)

Art Exhibits made with Light & Geometry (see art from our previous shows, and some new art!)

Sky View Lookout (elevate your perspective by teleporting to the lookout over the playa)

Art Teleports (get up close to the artwork and experience it on another level with the teleports)

Scene Changer (display all the artwork scenes with the scene changer panel)

Fireworks Display Show (September 5th @ 7p PDT)


VRBurn Summer Reburn Technical Guide

More details coming soon!

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