VRALive Animation Screening!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Join us as we screen selected entries from Week 27 of the #YearOfVRArt challenge!

The month of June for the #YearOfVRArt challenge has been dedicated to animation. We will spend the month exploring the various components needed to create an animated piece in VR.

On July 11th, 6PM Eastern Daylight Time, we will host a screening of selected entries in AltspaceVR! Join us as we view films created during the month of June, and host a Q&A with the artists. Click here to RSVP! Stay for the after party, where we will play all entries received!

Here are the screening and submission details:

  • We are screening films submitted for the Week 27 Animation challenge, so if you want to submit your film for the screening, join the challenge!

  • Entries need to be created using a VR application such as Quill, Tvori, AnimVR etc., or a combination of VR/XR applications, e.g., Quill + Octane, Gravity Sketch + Blender, or other fun and wild combos. If you are unsure if your process counts as VR/XR for the purposes of this screening, please ask in the discord! Artists are using a variety of techniques; if you have questions about a particular process, an artist in the discord will be happy to help you.

  • Regular weekly submission for the challenge is not the same as submitting your film for the screening. If you wish to have your film considered for the screening, you'll need to fill out the submission form. Conversely, if you don't want your film included in the screening, but you want to submit it for the challenge as usual, don't worry! It's not an automatic entry.

  • Films need to be 60 seconds or less.

  • Films need to adhere to the Family Friendly Policy of VRALive.

  • Any audio and/or music included needs to be the property of the artist, or the artist needs to have written permission or a license to use the audio/music.

  • We will select up to 10 films to screen for the Q&A, but all films submitted for the screening will be featured on a compilation video for the VRALive YouTube channel.

  • This is a screening, and not intended to be a competition! Films will be selected based on variety of techniques used, cohesiveness of the screening program, etc.

  • Submissions are open! They will close on July 6th at midnight EDT.

Submission form! <- Submit your animations here! Submissions close July 6th at midnight EDT.

If you have any questions, post them in the animation screening channel on the discord! Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

Calendar courtesy of @XandyXR, the #YearOfVRArt Coordinator

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