Year of VR ARt October Challenge

Whether you have already been participating in the Year of VR Art challenge, or are new to VRArt Live, we invite you to participate in our October challenge! There are 2 ways to participate:

#Inktober Challenge:

Challenge yourself and follow the official #Inktober prompts to create daily art in VR! Inktober's official prompts and rules can be found at There are flexible rules for the #Inktober VR submissions to align with our Year of VR Art challenge; use any 3DVR art medium, and color if you wish. Participants who complete the entire 30 days following the #Inktober prompts will receive an "#Inktober Champ" role in the discord for the rest of 2020 and a 3D badge to display on social media.

• Create your piece of art each day

Submit your #Inktober artwork using this Form:

• When posting your artwork on the VRA Live discord at or your preferred social media, tag your posts with #YearofVRArt and #Inktober.

(If you are a regular participant in our #YearofVRArt challenge, your #Inktober submissions can count towards your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. For example, if you normally participate weekly but are posting art daily for October, just choose one submission each week to mark as #weekly when you submit your form and we will count it as your submission towards the Year of VR Art tally.)

Regular YearofVRArt Challenge:

If you prefer not to participate in #Inktober, you can submit art based on our regular posted weekly themes and post them on the Year of VR Art Discord channel daily, weekly, or monthly, as usual.

Happy creating!

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