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Blockchain Talk

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Blockchain Talk is a live streamed panel talk held in VR which will present various technical information, educational components, and social points of views of the blockchain technology and related processes. It is a great talk to listen to if you are curious about the blockchain, where it came from, how it all works, and what it actually is.

The post production recording will be available in the below embedded video and on our Youtube 8/2/2021 @ 5a PDT

"The whole event was organised extremely well - it was clearly thought through and tested well. I thought the space design in VRChat was cool and it facilitated a really fun way to take part in a panel discussion. I enjoyed meeting the other guests and listening to everyone's take on blockchain technology. I will be listening back to soak it in a second time! Thank you everyone at VRArtLive for a great experience! " - Lorna Inman

"Great event, very well organized. Very easy process for a guest speaker" - Jose Andres

"Great event. Very well organized and presented. This was a very ambitious dive into a huge subject that even experienced users find confusing. This discussion managed to cover the technology, the artist viewpoint and current forward thinking from various angles; referencing the state of play right now as well as potential for where it may be going. A really thorough view of the whole scene with insight into creatives actual experiences." - Volt__Edge

"Great discussion and choice of panel guests. Awesome work!" - ZandyXR

"..the event was fine, I may have learned some things, it was put together well, personally I don't think it can get much better with the current format (live streamed, VRChat)." - FictionalCat

"I thought the event was great. The team was very friendly and helpful as usual and the rehearsal was very useful. The talk itself was well organised and brilliantly hosted by Sabby. I found the discussion interesting and informative and it was nice to meet people again. Thank you for having me! " - Rendered Flesh

Did you enjoy the Blockchain Talk as well? Leave a review! Event Feedback Form


  • Where: Watch it streamed live HERE

  • Host: SabbyLife

  • Panel Guests: Program of Segment Guests

  • Get Set up: Guide

  • Content: (Segment 1 - technical and facts based) Blockchain Technology and Making Coins (Segment 2 - technical and facts based) Minters & Interfaces (Segment 3 - technical and experience/opinion based) Usability, Artists & Collectors, Investors, Day Traders, Long-term Investment (Segment 4 - technical and experience/opinion based) Environmental & Social Impact

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