Blockchain Talk

Updated: Jul 6

Blockchain Talk is a live streamed panel talk held in VR which will present various technical information, educational components, and social points of views of the blockchain technology and related processes. It is a great talk to listen to if you are curious about the blockchain, where it came from, how it all works, and what it actually is. It happens live this month on our stream channel, or, for a limited live audience in VR.


  • When: July 31st at 12p~1:30p PT (time zone conversion chart)

  • Where: Watch it streamed live HERE

  • Panel Guests and Hosts: (schedule coming soon)

  • Content: (Segment 1 - technical and facts based) Blockchain Technology and Making Coins (Segment 2 - technical and facts based) Minters & Interfaces (Segment 3 - technical and experience/opinion based) Usability, Artists & Collectors, Investors, Day Traders, Long-term Investment (Segment 4 - technical and experience/opinion based) Environmental & Social Impact


Sign up to participate in this live panel talk as a panel guest or for live audience attendance. Watching our live stream doesn't require sign up and is open to everyone!

Would you like to be a panel guest and talk on stage with us about subjects outlined in the segments above? PANEL GUEST SIGN UP FORM

Would you like to attend the talk in the virtual studio space with us? AUDIENCE SIGN UP FORM

Would you like to contribute some assets, information, or visuals to be used in this community educational panel talk? ASSET CONTRIBUTION FORM

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