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What: Chroma Tours hosted by: Chromasnare

When: Calendar

Where: in VRChat (VR or desktop meetup)

Why: To learn the VRChat platform and explore the possibilities by touring creator's and virtual reality artist's worlds


Interested in creating worlds? Sign up for VRChat using the website to start earning trust/creator rank on their platform. Join us in the VRALive discord and tag @Chromasnare.


What: Unity World Building hosted by: JcFractal

When: Calendar

Where: on our Twitch channel (mobile or desktop meetup)

Why: Get instruction on how to build a gallery world experience for VRChat step-by-step using Unity


Follow us on Twitch to be able to chat and ask questions, turn on notifications for our channel on Twitch to get notified when we are live, or meet us there when we start. Between streams ask any questions in our discord channel named #🏗dev-world-building and tag @JcFractal.

Learn how to make your own virtual gallery by joining our online skillshare live streams and meetups hosted by VRALive coordinators. Join the meetups by desktop or VR and watch our live streams on Twitch. Keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming workshop events. Free to attend!