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Chroma Tours

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

VRArtLive presents Chroma Tours, hosted by Chromasnare, a guided tour through the metaverse featuring world builders around the world. Each tour will feature a world builder from VR Chat, NeosVR or AltSpace and beyond. The tours will be live streamed on Twitch every other Saturday. Each tour we'll feature a world builder and get to know the creator, the inspiration, and goals of their world, as well as learn the platform and what it has to offer for your VR gallery or world experience as part of the VR Gallery Workshop. Tours will be invite only and here are a few guidelines to get started.

Catch up on the previous tours by watching our Chroma Tours playlist in our Collections List

Next Tour: Calendar


Submit your world to be toured on our journeys in the metaverse! You will need to be present for the tour or provide detailed information about your world for the tour.

  • Worlds must follow platform guidelines

  • Worlds must be created by the user(s) and not rips from existing IP like videogame maps. If you do own the IP that's is perfectly fine.

  • Worlds can be either public or private; we will be joining a hub world first to gather tourists and then follow you through an Invite only portal.

  • Please set aside a day for rehearsals before the tour



Anyone is invited to join the tours! Learn about the platform we visit and see what the creators have been building in these virtual spaces.

  • If using Quest 1 or 2 connect to PC

  • User must follow platform guidelines

  • If you are new to the platform the Host will guide you before the tour with some basics like movement and adding friends.

  • Send a friend request to "ChromaTours" when requesting an invite Please send the message "Tourist" so i know you are part of the group

  • green performance avatar (VRChat)

  • Please don't interrupt the host and Worldbuilder(s) while they are speaking. Questions are encouraged at appropriate times.

  • Sticking with the tour group is greatly encouraged, there will be plenty of time to explore once tour is concluded.


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