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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery June 2021

Title: From the Heart: The Galleries of Virtual Expression

Artist & World creator: Zandy XR Platform: VRChat

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: grrlrighter

See this world in VRChat here. VR Art Live! recently toured this world live streaming the event. To re-watch this tour check our Twitch channel and be sure to sign up in advance for our next tour, more info here.

About From the Heart: The Galleries of Virtual Expression

(Commentary by Zandy)

From the Heart: The Galleries of Virtual Expression

From the Heart: The Galleries of Virtual Expression are a collection of themed worlds that includes the art of Zandy XR. The gallery includes themed worlds that are connected by portals in VR Chat. Most of the art includes pieces created in TiltBrush but also a gallery with Medium by Adobe sculpts and some pieces created in Gravity Sketch and Masterpiece Pro are in the main gallery. Zandy created these worlds so people could experience her art in exploratory ways where they can interact with every piece.

Main Gallery Island VR Chat by Zandy XR

The main gallery has an island feel to it and includes a diverse display of pieces in the form of gallery digital displays as well as 3D pieces that visitors can interact with and see within the environment.

Most art included in the gallery was created in TiltBrush with the exception of the gallery building and the couch in the atrium.

There are several art pieces on display within the gallery and I have over over 20 pieces of 3d art including the island itself. The Main gallery is public and currently in labs. All of my world portals (with the exception of my private worlds) can be found in the main gallery.

I didn’t want to have a traditional gallery but something more interactive and exploratory where visitors can experience my art in different ways. I don’t just want them to see the art but feel the emotions in every piece.

The Trevi Fountain was the first piece I created in VR Chat but this was the first gallery that I wanted to use as a hub for connected themed worlds. I currently have 9 worlds in total. 6 worlds are public or semi private, 2 private worlds (Trevi Fountain and La Sagrada Familia) and one world collaboration with Topgunsi.

I created a non traditional gallery experience with themed worlds that are interactive and exploratory vs just a building with art in it. The art in my worlds encourages visitors to explore and find them, and in many cases provides an opportunity for interaction.

I’m constantly updating and improving my worlds so it is an ongoing process. One world can take a week to make while others take me only a couple of days.

Portals to Zandy XR's worlds in VRChat
Portals to Zandy XR's worlds in VRChat within the main gallery

There are many challenges building worlds with TiltBrush art. Specifically decimation of pieces and reapplying materials to the pieces so they look nice in VR Chat. Because TiltBrush pieces are high geometry models you have to push the boundaries to increase the FPS in each world so the user experience is comfortable for your visitors. Thats the biggest challenge.

Creating the galleries I learned decimation, optimization, toggles and interactivity in unity. It also forced me to learn UDON. UDON noodles were, also selecting the best pieces for optimization. I absolutely pushed myself beyond my comfort zone for this project. It’s the only way to grow as an artist.

I am going to expand on themed worlds throughout the year and will be creating some

entertaining shows as well with a 360 theatre and an interactive animated exhibit with the Trevi Experience.

Zandy XR's Sculpt World
In Zandy XR's Sculpt World

I chose VR Chat because it works the best for high geometry models and shaders that TiltBrush pieces contain. Its the most user friendly and it works nicely with TiltBrush art. VR Chat is the best user experience for my art at this time but I plan on developing an app with a theme I will not include in VR Chat.

My recommendations for beginner VR art gallery creators? Don’t give up. Persevere, set goals and stick to them. It is extremely rewarding to create a gallery and display your art in a way that others can truly experience them as it is VR!

If you need help along the way, ask people in the VRArt Live Community. There are lots of people who can give you pointers and help you stay on track. If you don’t want to tackle your first gallery on your own, collaborate with another artist and create a world together so you both learn the process and can support each other. Then you will both feel more comfortable doing it on your own.

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Are you a VR artist or a VR gallery creator? If you would like to have your art or gallery featured by VR Art Live! you can apply here.

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