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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery

July 2021

Title: Galería de 5DTraveler

Artist & World creator: 5DTraveler Platform: VRChat

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: grrlrighter

See this world in VRChat here. VR Art Live! recently toured this world live streaming the event. To re-watch this tour check our Twitch channel and be sure to sign up in advance for our next tour, more info here.

About Galería de 5DTraveler

(Commentary by 5DTraveler)

Galería de 5DTraveler

In my art gallery you will find a selection of different art pieces displayed by the type of application I used to create them. I currently use three art apps: Tilt Brush, Medium, and Gravity Sketch. In the future I may add artwork using new applications such as Microsoft Maquette and others. The idea for ​​creating the art gallery developed when I discovered VR Chat. I loved the warmth of the people and enjoyed the opportunity to share my creations almost in person. Currently my gallery is public within Labs, to be found here or using my name 5Dtraveler.

Galería de 5DTraveler

The gallery itself is continuously changing and does not have a definite ending. As I create new pieces of art, I add or replace existing ones. As long as I keep creating new pieces, the gallery will remain dynamic. In future I plan to optimize the gallery and add functionalities to improve the visitor experience. Regarding the platform, I think I am going to stay on VR Chat hoping that it will continue to make progress trough future updates.

Galería de 5DTraveler

Creating this gallery I learned the basics of world building for VR Chat. But I'm not looking to become an expert in Unity or VR Chat. I personally seek to enjoy the creative process without having any headaches and having to deal with highly technical matters. My recommendation for all artists is that they always follow their heart when they feel the inner spark of motivation to create something new and wonderful.

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Are you a VR artist or a VR gallery creator? If you would like to have your art or gallery featured by VR Art Live! you can apply here.

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