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VR BURN 2020

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

VR Burn is back as VR Burn 2020! VR Art Live and the community will come together once again to put on an amazing and massive live art and music show in VR. Show support for the artists and join us! We are seeing 2020 off with a cleansing virtual burn of some art pieces in the show.

Date: December 12, 2020

Show Time: 5p - 6p PST

Scene Schedule/Artists: PDF document link

Place: VRArtLive's Private Studio Show World (RSVP for Live Show) & VRBurn 2020 public world by TheSabbyLife (Live Public World Link - favorite this world and meet here 30 min before show time)

Streamers/Content Creators: Let us know if you stream or post pics/vids of the event so that we can link to your video on our Official Event webpage. Tag #VRArtLive and #VRBurn in your posts then come back here and message the Event Coordinator using the magenta message bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Facebook Event: Event Link

Studio Live Show World

Hosts - Thom Clancy & VRArtLive

VJ - JcFractal

Cinematographer/Streamer - Chromasnare & Boomboxhead

Videographer - HeyHazmus

Live Show World 1

Hosts - VirtualJacki & WillowmoonArt

VJ - VR Rosie

Videographer - Kulltur

Live Show World 2

Hosts - Raritie & Grrlrighter

VJ - Wildc4rd

Videographer - PunktVR

Open Public VRBurn World


Director - TheSabbyLife

Stage Manager - AntiVi/Aylias

Check the official Event Page for post-event media!

Sign up for VR Art Live's newsletter for VR Burn and other live event updates.

Stay in touch

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:



Questions or Concerns use the Magenta message bubble at the bottom right of your screen to contact the Event Coordinator.

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