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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery February 2022

Title: Psychic Pilot

Artist: Guardyoursleep

VR App/s: Open Brush

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: Suk

Psychic Pilot by Guardyoursleep

Psychic Pilot

Commentary by Guardyoursleep

The piece does not really have a topic, but is just depicting power and hopefully beauty.

The scene originally started as just a giant robot, but I didn't get a sense of scale until I added a small human figure into the art. This way when you're looking at you now have some frame of reference to the scale of the robot.

It's also kind of inspired by the saying: 'we stand on the shoulders of giants'. Like using VR to create more complex 3D art. I wanted to capture scale and power in a concept art kind of scene.

Psychic Pilot by Guardyoursleep

I worked on this piece a couple times over the span of months. Some days I added a lot and some days I just went it and moved things around with the select tool. I find it really easy to get into a cycle of overworking a piece in VR. There's just so much to do, so much you can do. I had this same problem with traditional art and in VR it's an overwhelming amount of options to work with sometimes.

Psychic Pilot by Guardyoursleep

This piece was started in Tilt Brush, and then finished in Open Brush. Open Brush allowed me to unlock the rotation of the world and work at certain parts at different angles than I would be able to in Tilt Brush.

I usually always start out with the hull brush, block out the bigger pieces and overall figures then zoom and rotate to work the detail at different scales and brush sizes.

I have a hard time drawing faces and human figures in VR so I tried to push myself to make a normal looking human in this one. My usual style for humanoid figures is very wirey and abstract, but I like how the woman in the scene turned out. The implication through her hand and the neon pulse brush strokes, is that she is controlling the giant robot with her mind as the energy flows from her brain through her body, hand and hair.

Psychic Pilot by Guardyoursleep

My recommendation for beginner VR artists, is to always be looking for new tools and apps and to try as many as you can. The medium is exciting and always changing, and a certain brush/tool/way of handling VR art can completely change how you go about VR art.

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