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#VRArtLive Gallery July 2022

Title: Bold Worm Clothospeculation

Artist: Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

VR App/s: Open Brush, Masterpiece Studio, Styly, Mona

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: Suk

Bold Worm Clothospeculation

Commentary by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

Bold Worm Clothospeculation by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

This piece is a creative meditation on Clotho, one of the three Moiraie (fates) from ancient greek mythology who decided how long human life could be.

I thought about ‘decisions’ and ‘decisiveness’ and in that state of mind, created this 3D expression of manic confusion and the excitement of relentless and energised pursuit of goals. The worm reference is from Shakespeare:

All that glitters is not gold;

Often have you heard that told:

Many a man his life hath sold

But my outside to behold:

Gilded tombs do worms enfold.

You can jump onto the worms and ride them (in mona and likely in styly too). Some of the worms just casually fly around quite low to the ground, but another one comes out of a vortex and does a tour of the world. There are actually various solid bases in the hair of the goddesses which if you take the risk of jumping off that highflying worm (if you can manage to hitch a ride on it) that you can land on. Apart from that you hike up the faces of the goddesses and climb someway into their hair.

The flying worms are made in Open Brush and animated in Masterpiece Studio, whereas the goddesses and vortex are made in Open Brush.

Bold Worm Clothospeculation by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

The theme is creative excitement and how to generate it. When faced with additional

pressures on my creative process, I have look deep within myself to stay creativebecause I know the minute I start thinking about ‘other’ factors ie will this sell, will this get engagement on social media, my whole reason for making it will just completely start unravel. The reason I make art is to express myself in a world which does not care what most individuals (including me) say or think- and I feel so excited and celebratory when I do that! But when there is a sense of ‘I need this to matter to other people’ I really have to work out a way to turn that nervous energy into creative momentum.

My brain was focusing on the three moiraie because I was making this work specifically to mint as a 3D NFT and needed to somehow creatively express that commercial aspect. I need to express how I was actually in ‘material success’ mode in order to get my brain

back into ‘playful self expression’ mode. I thought the 3 fates summed this up nicely because yes there’s more to life than money, so how about I pay tribute to the symbols of life itself! Of birth, living, and death, and that way I can of course bring the very essence of money itself into the picture - I went big!

Bold Worm Clothospeculation by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

Making the world maybe took 2 days, but uploading it took a few weeks because I had to make the Open Brush sdk ‘work’ in the Monaverse project and this took a huge effort from the mona devs (discord name: themattempire) and open brush devs (discord names: andybak and Merularxr (Mike)) who were all so helpful and generous with their time and skills! I also had to get a lot of help to work out how to use the Mona template, hopefully I can be much faster next time!

Bold Worm Clothospeculation by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava

My current project in the works is a virtual reality game about unicorns and emotional

eating. I took a playmaker (visual coding) tutorial for a zombie game and made it about

feeding unicorns. I want to release it on the oculus store one day!

It is incredibly exciting to me that I make worlds, and fly on unicorns, and aim to create an AI talking unicorn. I feel super lucky and grateful. I just want to work as hard as I can to make all my dreams come true because that is what VR art creation quite literally

empowers you to do!

You can visit the Bold Worm Clothospeculation virtual reality world in Styly here! To preview in Monaverse see here and buy the 3D NFT here!

See more by Vaidehi Ozymandias Bhargava:



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