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#VRArtLive Gallery April 2022

Title: Something in their Throat

Artist: AngeloCreates

VR App/s: SculptrVR

Curator: wildc4rd, Raritie

Editor: Suk

Something in their Throat

Commentary by AngeloCreates

“Something in their Throat” was created in November of 2021.

Something in their Throat by AngeloCreates

I was freely dancing in VR and decided to create an alien invasion. While creating this animation I wasn't thinking of a main message other than prepare for the future filled with alien creatures looking to eat you.

This one brings me joy of a future place where this glistening alien can thrive on the inhabitants of this distant planet. I included my favorite color palette of purple and glowing blues, I just love adding bloom to every single piece.

I was inspired by a potential portal to land far away, the portal can only be entered by being eaten by this alien. I started by sculpting a cube and carving out some space for water.

Something in their Throat by AngeloCreates rendered in Blender

I created the mesh for the puddle, alien arms and huge alien head, after about 30 mins of quick sculpting I brought the entire scene into a blender. From there I needed to merge vertices, edit textures and displace some of the pieces to help create movement.

It took me about 3 hours total form sculpting, remeshing, texturing, animating and rendering. SculptrVR makes it so easy to sculpt on the go using the Quest 2.

I was thinking very hard about which pieces I needed to add movement to and which pieces I wanted stationary. I also needed to do a bit of remeshing to get my geometry all nice and squared up. I ended up only animating the water and pupil, you can see a simple displacement and keyframed movement. I used a few tools to create it all: Oculus Quest 2, SculptrVR, and Blender.

Something in their Throat by AngeloCreates made in Virtual Reality

While making “Something in their Throat” I learned how quickly I could realize an entire scene and video within a night. By using SculptrVR I also learned which type of tool I needed to use (Spheres, built in primitives, etc) and which quality to export at (highest of course).

I made this while staying comfy next to my fireplace during a winter night. Created while sitting on my couch with my laptop hanging out after my normal job, and this scene just came to life!

Something in their Throat by AngeloCreates in Augmented Reality

I brought the piece into Augmented Reality using Adobe Aero-check it out on Tik Tok!

You can watch more videos on my Instagram and keep up to date with my random art attempts and thoughts on Twitter. Thank you!

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Are you a VR or XR artist? If you would like to have your art featured by VR Art Live you can apply here.

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