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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery March 2022

Title: Taiwan Night Market & Taipei 101 Fireworks

Artist: Orange Silver, Lin

VR App/s: Tilt Brush

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: Suk

Taiwan Night Market & Taipei 101 Fireworks

Commentary by Orange Silver, Lin

Hi, my name is Orange Silver, Lin - an illustration artist from Taiwan.

Taiwan Night Market & Taipei 101 Fireworks by Orange Silver, Lin

I made a project named "Exclamation Alien Wall Mural" which is a real wall mural work. I have been travelling around the world with this project to Spain, the U.S., Australia, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan. There are over 80 murals I painted all over the world.

The first time I tried VR painting, I was so excited. How amazing it is!! I can create and paint an infinite virtual wall!!

There were not many people who used Tilt Brush in Taiwan in 2018. At that time, I did some research and then wrote my thesis about VR Art for my master's degree. It was a nice experience for me. More practice with TiltBrush results in better painting skills. But for people like me, who have no programming experience, there is still a certain threshold.

This work is one part of “SOS! BACK TO TAIWAN” which is a collaboration with my friend Sindy - she did a great job of programming this interactive experience. The overall work tells the story I experienced after receiving a working holiday visa and visiting Canada. When everything was going very well the coronavirus outbreak came. At that time, I had to decide to either stay in Canada or go back to Taiwan. Each decision would have meant a different life for me. Obviously, my decision was: back to TAIWAN.

There, according to the Taiwanese government's policy, all arriving passengers were required to take all necessary quarantine measures for national security and public health protection. This project shows the whole experience in a humorous way. During the 14 days of quarantine time, the player must stay in the room and complete 14 different missions. After that, the most famous site of Taiwan, the night market and its various delicious Taiwanese snacks are waiting for your visit! Enjoy!

So, let's talk about the "Taiwan Night Market & Taipei 101 Fireworks" (This part is done all by myself).

First, you will see an archway that shows us this is the entrance to Taiwan Tourism Night Market. There are trash bins on the street to make it cleaner. There are many special and delicious foods like stinky tofu, bubble tea, papaya milk, chicken fillet...etc. So, I tried to draw these foods looking realistic with Tilt Brush. (Plenty of mouth-watering!) Also, we have many different games at the night market like ring toss, basketball toss, and balloon shooting. I tried to draw it like someone is playing it. (Really want to try it!) When you walk to the end of the street you will see one of the most popular fireworks at Taipei 101. (Amazing event!)

I hope everyone can enjoy the Taiwanese Night Market culture and warm-hearted night life in this work.

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