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#VRArtLive Gallery April 2022

Title: Cyber City

Artist: Alice

VR App/s: Oculus Quill

Curator: wildc4rd, Raritie

Editor: Suk Music: IN4DECK

Cyber City

Commentary by Alice

Cyber City by Alice

Cyber City is a virtual world in which digital entities enter into a conversation

with the viewer about the future. This is a territory with fantastic skyscrapers

and pedestrian streets in the metaverse. One of the wonders of the world to


The theme for creating this work came from the inspiration of cyber style and

new technologies. After playing computer games in this style, the work “Cyber

City” was born in VR. This work shows the mood, the flair of dark streets.

In this work I explored VR and artistic expressions in Quill.

Projects with animation in VR take longer than others, this project took about

three days of work. To create this project, I used the basic principles of

animation and also explored the physical movements of wind, car driving, fog,

human movements.

After each completed work, I learn something new and upgrade my skills. It is

important to generate ideas and not be afraid to create something surreal and

strange, but to work hard and hone your skills.

This work is available as NFT for sale on the marketplace.

See more by Alice:



Are you a VR or XR artist? If you would like to have your art featured by VR Art Live you can apply here.

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