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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery August 2021

Title: Spider Island

Artist & World creator: SabbyLife Platform: VRChat

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: grrlrighter

Find this world in VRChat here. VR Art Live! will be touring this world live streaming the event on Twitch. Join this tour in VR Chat and sign up here. Also check our Twitch channel to see recent VR Chat tours.

About Spider Island

(Commentary by SabbyLife)

I make gallery worlds monthly for the YearOfVRArt challenge with VRArtLive and this one combined a few of the themes of the month which are “glitter” and “silhouette”. The theme is about contrast of many elements, silhouettes that shape shift, and creepy feelings.

Spider Island - VRChat by SabbyLife

The scene has multiple points of view but there is one main piece in the gallery and it is the ship carrying flowers which pierces a gaping hole through a giant spider web to enter this magical island.

I added in more meaning to the scene and created and experience along with the visuals. I started it with all the main ideas in place then added some smaller details as I created and a new idea presented itself. It took me about a month between writing out my ideas in words, sketching out concepts on paper, creating a wire-frame and painting it out in Tilt Brush, optimizing some parts in Blender, then developing the interactions and scene elements in Unity. Next, I plan to create caves inside the mountains with

beautiful crystals from it’s crystal lagoon, and a mirror of course.

I have made at least one gallery world a month since starting the monthly challenge this year so I have 8+ galleries made all with interactive experiences available in VRChat for now. I love VRChat for the streamline presentation of their platform and I also have lots of friends on the platform from over a year of using it. My virtual gallery is public on VR Chat and can be found on my profile here. My galleries will eventually be hosted on other platforms such as NeosVR and Altspace, but in the future when I get to it.

One of the things that changed, having made a few galleries now, I started to write my ideas down instead of just jumping into Tilt Brush like I have usually done. I think this time, because I had complex ideas to incorporate into this piece, I needed to write them down and go through that process.

Creating this gallery I learned Unity 2019 because in the middle of my project VRChat updated to the a new version of Unity and so to upload my gallery I had to update the entire project to Unity 2019 as well, so that was a learning experience. Updating my project when I thought I was almost done was challenging. I really feel

that at this point in VR art using technology in my processes, that when I create a new artwork I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone because there is always something to go as unexpected, and something to learn to get things back where they need to be.

For beginners, when getting started in VR art gallery creating, I recommend to learn optimization techniques to be able to keep your world file size low and to get the FPS as high as possible, which creates a comfortable space for others to want to come back to visit.



More info:



Are you a VR artist or a VR gallery creator? If you would like to have your art or gallery featured by VR Art Live! you can apply here.

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1 Comment

The Sabby Life
The Sabby Life
Aug 15, 2021

Thank you for this feature and thank you to wildc4rd and grrlrighter for preparing the feature! I really enjoy this world even though I have a fear of spiders. I feel like being in this world helps me get over that fear.

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