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#VRArtLive Gallery May 2022

Title: Fiori di pesco

Artist: Giuseppe Delogu

VR App/s: Tiltbrush

Curator: wildc4rd, Raritie

Editor: Suk

Fiori di pesco

Commentary by Giuseppe Delogu

by Giuseppe Delogu - Fiori di pesco

This work of art is titled "peach blossoms"

the awakening and generosity of nature.

One of my favorite themes is beauty in nature and the feminine, both similar to the Mother Goddess, a dear theme in my native land.

In this specific case it's represented by a peach tree in a female form, kissed by a warm sun that gives rich color. The fall of the petals is a prelude to the birth of the fruit and the subsequent season of life.

This is one of the first drawings I made in virtual reality and the one that left me most satisfied with the result. Virtual reality drawing offers a spontaneity and immediacy impossible with 3d modeling programs and a journey inside the work that no image can do justice.

I started working in Blender to set up a basic draft, I drew on in Tiltbrush and went back to Blender for rendering, because the tiltbrush graphics engine is good but I am not fully satisfied.

It took me a few hours to create it, excessively cloning flowers and buds. Generally the most difficult part for me almost always is the choice of the right colors, its balance always leaves me unsatisfied. I keep the setup of the lights on neutral white in Tiltbrush to avoid distortions in the perception of the final color.

Compared to the 3D models that I happen to create with traditional tools, the VR art in Tiltbrush has that ethereal aspect that makes it different from any other tool, the negative side of this type of programs is the little customization possible, but it is the price to pay to maintain its intuitive and immediate nature.

I cautiously embraced the world of NFT, but already in the beginning I saw its potential, making an image or a 3D model unique on the web is not a trivial matter, and now with the advent of the metaverse and augmented reality and a, very likely, mass adoption, the exhibition of certified NFT paintings and sculptures will be a common practice, which will open an immense, liquid and much more democratic market for artists from all over the world. With the help of smart contracts they will be able to sell or rent works without intermediaries and this is an explosive incentive for every artist soul out there.

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