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#VRArtLive Gallery March 2022

Title: The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery

Artist & World creator: ReVerse Butcher Platform: VRChat

Curator: wildc4rd

Editors: Suk, Chromasnare

Find this world in VRChat here. VR Art Live recently toured this world live in VR Chat live streaming the event on Twitch. Join this tour in VR Chat. Check our Twitch channel to see recordings of recent VR Chat tours and sign up here for future tours.

About The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery

(Commentary by ReVerse Butcher)

The "Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery" was built by artist/poet ReVerse Butcher in VRChat to celebrate the launch of her new book.

"Kaleidoscopic Erasures" (Steel Incisors) is a book of VISPO - which stands for Visual Poetry - an experimental hybrid form of poetry that uses both visual and literary techniques to compose works of art.

As these poems were designed to be looked at, rather than read aloud or read in a linear fashion, ReVerse Butcher created this immersive gallery space to share her work in a way that reached out to both poetry readers, and VR enthusiasts. While the works in the gallery are 2D, they were heavily influenced by ReVerse Butcher's VR Art practice, and are experiments in space, perspective, digital and traditional hybrid techniques, color, and text. A very strong way to experience them is in person, live and large in living color, in VR. You can buy a copy of the book & support a living artist here.

More by ReVerseButcher:



Are you a VR artist or a VR gallery creator? If you would like to have your art or gallery featured by VR Art Live! you can apply here.

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