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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

#VRArtLive Gallery September 2021

Title: Awaken The Giants - Sinisteria & Shriek

Artist & World creator: Juliana Loh (splashmango) Platform: AltspaceVR

Curator: wildc4rd

Editor: grrlrighter Technical partners and contributors: Nicholas Liang, Carlos Austin

Find this world in AltspaceVR here. VR Art Live! will be touring this world live streaming the event on Twitch. Join this tour in VR Chat and sign up here. Also check our Twitch channel to see recent VR Chat tours.

About Awaken the Giants - Sinisteria & Shriek

(Commentary by Juliana Loh)

Awaken The Giants - Sinisteria & Shriek by Juliana Loh

Awaken The Giants - Sinisteria & Shriek is a VR experience where visitors can "play" and/or observe each other from various POV's around a world built in VR. (AltspaceVR) The entire world was meticulously painted by Juliana Loh one brush stroke at a time using Tiltbrush in a VR setting.

Our world lives and breathes in the sub atomic realm where the balance that exists between nature, humans and technology is continuously fine-tuned. A very delicate dance occurs between the gods who guide and protect this world; the humans who inhabit it, the power of technology and the forces of nature as expressed by animal spirits. The streams of bright fire and energy located at the center of the world attract spirit gods and ancestors who arrive from the 'heavens' bearing gifts of wisdom, courage and nobility while the proto giants both channel and symbolize our collective humanity.

You are asked to bring balance to a world in chaos by connecting with fellow visitors and partaking in the act of discussion. The masks serve as conversational pieces that help us to bond in a world that is perceived sometimes as lonely and fragmented. Instead of learning about each other's circumstances through the media, the act of storytelling and sharing one's own humanity affords us the opportunity to create space for meaningful conversations. Awaken the Giants enshrines the idea of awakenings outside and within our own selves.

Artwork: Juliana Loh Creative Technologist: Nicholas Liang Additional Media: Carlos Austin

More by Juliana Loh:



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